How many times have you stood staring at a piece of art? The colors, shapes, and textures draw you into the creative expression of the piece. Now, how many times have you eaten a piece of art? Probably not very often. If often, then you are probably not welcome at museums or galleries anymore, lol. Unless of course we’re talking about food as art.


Europeans, especially the French, have long time considered food as art. The French word “gourmet” refers to food that is refined, even elaborate preparations and presentations of aesthetically balanced meals of several contrasting, often quite rich courses. A gourmet chef is expected to have expertise in not only the taste of food, but the visual presentation of food as well. In other words, a chef is considered an artist and his/her medium is food.


Mama Mimi’s wholeheartedly continues the gourmet traditions of tasty preparations as well as stunning visual presentations with our pizzas. We believe that presentation drives the experience just as much as taste. Each pizza is intentionally prepared by mixing colors and shapes in order to produce an intense joy, even before you take the first bite.


Eating a Mama Mimi’s pizza is like eating art. Take our Pollo Putanesca, for instance, with its rich red sauce, white roasted chicken, ripe red tomatoes, dark black olives, and deep green scallions strategically scattered about, creating a piece of art ready to bring home, bake, and eat.


So, instead of staring at a piece of art on the wall, try staring at a piece of art on your table, followed by a joyous consumption of gourmet pizza.