Take a moment to conjure up some memories of past holiday experiences. I would bet that many of those memories involve your nose, the sense of smell that is. The alluring aroma of roasted turkey, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, and candy yams (just a few on a long list of holiday goodies). All of a sudden I miss my mom.


Smells have the power to engage your memories, bringing us back to the very moment of our experience. In fact, some real estate agents understand the power of smell, recommending people trying to sell their homes to bake cookies in this home right before possible buyers visit. The smell of cookies is so delightfully strong that most people feel comforted by a simple whiff. The potential buyers connect this sugary smell with memories of their own home, encouraging them to buy the house. Wow, that’s powerful!


So, maybe you’re not trying to sell your house, but you do enjoy making memories with your family and friends. So let’s make memories of fresh ingredients originating from your oven and permeating throughout your house.  These smells invoke a whole different, delightful experience than the smell of melted cheese on a cardboard box. Mama Mimi’s strives to create positive experiences around quality home cooking made with amazing ingredients.


Take a few more moments to think about your house filling with the smells of Mama Mimi’s pizzas–fresh Roma tomatoes and sweet basil, olive oil and mozzarella, caramelized onions and artichoke hearts. Now think about pairing those smells with friendship and family, laughter and wisdom, generosity and love. Isn’t this what great memories are made from?