OCTOBER 6, 2015

There are a few reasons you might be interested in our gluten-free pizza crust.  Whether it’s for health reasons or an elective dietary choice, the end is the same: you still want good food,  and Mama wants to help.  When you order one of our pizzas with a gluten-free crust, we have many menu items you can pair it with!


Salads Galore!

We have three specifically gluten-free salads on our menu. Our Chopped Italian, Greek, and Antipasti salads (and even vegetarian in some cases) are a great pair for our pizza!



It goes against common knowledge (since gluten is in wheat and barley and definitely beer… usually) to say a beer is gluten-free, but we promise, this is true and we’ve got it.  Just check out our stores for Two Brother’s Beer’s Prairie Path!



A little less surprising, but you can go with wine.  It’s made from grapes and there’s no gluten to be found there.  You may want to be careful though, because sometimes gluten-based ingredients can be added in during the winemaking process.  But for most U.S. made wine, this is uncommon.


So you don’t need to be taste-free or enjoyment-free when you go gluten-free. Mama wouldn’t want that.