Is healthy pizza even possible? Hmm, let see–if that pizza includes pre-made dough, frozen sauce, and processed cheese or meat then the answer is an emphatic, nah! But if this pizza starts with ”made on site” dough, then lathered with a perfectly seasoned sauce, and finally topped with fresh cut vegetables and artisan cheese? Then the answer is a ridiculously energetic, yep!


At Mama Mimi’s we get it. You want healthy food choices for you and your family. When you make out that list of healthy meal options we want you to include pizza. Not the common, unhealthy-type pizza, but the uniquely crafted, fresh-type pizza. The kind you can proudly set on your family table.


Take for instance, our Mediterranean pizza, an entirely vegetarian pizza with an olive oil base, topped with fresh spinach, crafted Parmesan cheese, sweet sun dried tomatoes, fresh garlic, and a feta cheese & herb blend finish. Now that’s mouthwatering healthy.


Or if you prefer some meat on your pizza, feast your senses on the Mama’s Marmeletta Amore. This tasty slice of healthy begins with an apricot glaze, followed by fresh mozzarella, savory chicken, a dose of caramelized onions, sprinkled with sweet basil and red pepper flakes, and a gorgonzola cheese finish.


Who says pizza has to be junk food? We don’t. Not if you start with fresh ingredients and end with satisfaction and pride. We love pizza and we know you do too. As you choose to eat better, don’t scratch pizza off your list, instead, let’s make it healthier (and still very tasty). That’s what Mama Mimi’s does best. Bon appetite!