Life seems to get busier and busier for the American worker. Add a couple children to the mix and it seems like there is never enough time to make the choices that truly benefit us, like exercising and eating healthy.


Mama Mimi’s can’t help with the exercise part (unless you run to and from one of our locations), but we can help with the healthy eating aspect. When time is short and there are too many things to do, we often end up at the drive-thrus of fast food restaurants, dumping cheesy noodles into a pan, or at the mercy of a delivery person bringing us a hot, greasy pizza in a cardboard box.


We all know the guilty feeling of depending upon convenience food for our sustenance. Yet, are these examples our only choices when we just don’t have time to cook a meal at home? Fast food restaurants would like us to think so, but it’s far from the truth my friend.


Mama Mimi’s proudly offers another option–a healthy and delicious, yet (dare I say) convenient solution for busy people. Here’s the kicker, this option involves using your own oven, the aroma of fresh and nutritious ingredients throughout your house, and eating at your own table with loved ones by your side. Wow, what other convenient food offers all this?


The cause of our guilt isn’t convenience; it’s convenience at the expense of our health. Mama Mimi’s puts the health back in convenience by offering an array of healthy meal options, including twenty gourmet pizzas, six crispy salads, three flavors of lasagna, calzones, and a handful of sides and desserts.


So, when time is not on your side, don’t worry, Mama Mimi’s is.