Some Fun Pizza Facts for National Pizza Month!

OCTOBER 14, 2015

Did you know October is National Pizza Month? It’s true, and what a beautiful thing it is.  You should celebrate, and we of course suggest doing so by eating as much of it as humanly possible, but while your pizza is baking, here are some fun facts to celebrate!


The average pizzeria uses 55 cardboard boxes a day!

That’s a lot of cardboard!  And we realized that so we do things a little differently!  Instead, the only cardboard we use is the circle your pizza comes on, and to keep all those delectable ingredients fresh, we wrap it in plastic. It’s good for your stomach, and the environment!


Las Vegas plays host to the Pizza Expo every year.

And we’ve gone!  In fact, we taken home awards for some of our very own pizzas! They’re featured on our menu! The Pizza Expo is a fantastic place for pizza lovers, obviously, but it’s also the prime time for seeing (and tasting, yum!) all the latest and greatest things people are doing with their pies.


The longest pizza delivery was from South Africa to Australia!

We’re not joking!  A pizza traveled from Cape Town, South Africa to Sydney, Australia for one very hungry (we’d have to assume) customer! That was an 11,000km (roughly 6,800 miles) delivery. To put that in perspective, that’s like one of our Take ‘N Bake pizzas traveling all the way to Beijing!”