SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

1. Keep It Simple

Don’t let decorating add stress to your party planning. Focus on the experience and all anyone will notice is how much fun they’re having.


2. Go Big

Mama’s extra-large helpings serve 3-4. Mix and match original combos to keep everyone happy…and full!


3.Offer Options

Calzones, Garlic Breadsticks or Mama’s Garlic Cheesebread make great pre-dinner munchies while Mama’s pastas, lasagna and salads add variety to the main course and serve 12 or more.


4.Focus On The Fun Stuff

Whether games, music or a live act, keep your guests’ interests in mind and everyone will have a good time.


5. Seal It With Sweets

Mama’s Chocolate Chunk Pizza Cookie is seven inches of chocolate-packed cookie. Once everyone has taken heaping helpings of the main course, bake in the oven for about 15 minutes for a chocolatey finish.


6. Write It All Down

You have enough on your mind. Grab a pen and paper and plan your next party with these tips from Mama Mimi’s!”